Hong Kong Medical Mobilization Corporation


Prayer Requests


1.  For Ms. Ho :

  • Organizing the Indonesian mission team in March, 2010. May God prepare team members' heart as well as the serving village (it is the first time we serve there).

  • Visits the Leprosy Village weekly. May the Lord help the villagers to accept Christ and provide smooth journeys.

  • May God provide volunteers and expenses for various Christmas and New Year gatherings.

  • Local visits and caring work.

  • Always has a lively spirit, mild and humble mind in serving our God and the people.

2.  For Mr. Lau :

  • Safe and smooth journeys to and from inland China

  • Good health and wisdom to handle different affairs.

3.  Expense

  • May the Lord provide for our daily expense (continuous negative balance).


(Updated 07/03/2011)

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